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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 24, 2014 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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>> hello, and welcome. you're watching aljazeera live from the headquarters. i'm steven cole, and these are the top stories. a u.n. school, palestinians attacking gaza, and getting reports of at least 15 people killed. iraqi parliament selects the country's next president. >> i'm in london with the latest from europe, including another fallen ceremony in the netherlands with the arrival of
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more victims of flight mh17. and norway, intelligence officials detail an imminent security threat. >> in a moment, we'll have more on the israeli offensive in gaza, where more than 770 people have been killed. and that's coming up in just a moment. but first, we understand that ukraine's reasonably elected prime minister, has decided to resign. we'll have more on that story. but let's go back to gaza, where there has been another attack on the united nations school where palestinians have taken refuge from the fighting. u.s. secretary of state john kerry has been on a diplomatic push in the region. in egypt, to talk about the possibility of a ceasefire.
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well, at least 15 people have died, and dozens have been wounded. we don't know the exact figure yet because a lot of the wounded are being dispersed to hospitals. after that, an israeli rocket on an u.n. school. it's not sure if it was a rocket ar a -- the school was being used as a shelter by hundreds of displaced gazans. it's the 4th attempt on an u.n. installation in as many days. christopher is a spokesman for rwa. and he told me in the last hour that israel had been given the precise location of the school. >> . >> i'm sorry to say that all i can confirm right now, we're desperately trying in the terrible incident. there have been multiple deaths, multiple injuries.
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we gave the israeli army formally the precise gps coordinates of this exact location of our shelter, in northern gaza. as the fighting drew in throughout the day, we were trying to coordinate and organize with the israeli army a window so that civilians, the women, the children, the men who were not involved in the fighting, the elderly, the sick, could leave, and that window was simply never granted. and in the end, there have been quite clearly tragic and appalling consequences. we spent the day communicating that first of all the exact gps coordinates of the school, and what they were, and in our discussions with the israeli army, we made it clear that
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there were civilians who had to be evacuated from that area. of course we were very concerned about the situation there, and that's why we were trying to get women, children and civilians out. as i say, it never happened. and the consequences were utterly tragic. the party simply has to respect the sanctity of civilian life, with u.n. property. and they particularly have to respect international humanitarian law obligations to protect humanitarian workers. because clearly, civilians in the most tragic and appalling way, have come into harm's way. and one fears, because so many, we have 140,000 people, plus. that's approaching just under 10% of the population of gaza, are in schools exactly like this
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one, where this terrible incident has occurred. >> that was chris gunnis. talking to me in the last hour, and stefanie dekker joins me now. she went to the hospital where a lot of the wounded were taken, and stephanie, tell us what you saw there. >> well, we actually tried to get to the school after we got the news, and there was heavy shelling in the area, and it was ongoing. just to give you an idea of how close it was around the school, a lot of cars were racing back and telling us to leave. and it was a horrendous scene. children, little boys, little girls, petrified, crying, injured. with the shrapnel wounds, and resaw ladies being brought in on
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stretchers and men, and a combination. and families, and absolute panic and terror. one woman was screaming and no one could calm her down. asking why this was a place of safety? the northern border area, where there has been intense shelling and fighting between the israelis and the palestinian army, these are supposed to be safe havens, and it's interesting to have a lot of people say that they're angry at unare a, and they're blaming them for not keeping them safe. they had given the coordinates to the israeli army clearly. so why are they shelling a shelter full of civilians, and yet it's straight there. they are trying to evacuate because it's not safe. this is where tank shells, we're
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told, hit the area. so 13 dead is the latest number we're hearing and 150 injured. >> stefanie dekker, and thanks for that. the u.s. secretary of state has left now, left for egypt. it's the latest round of diplomacy. after spending a day in israel and west bank, there he met the israeli and palestinian leaders. and the u.n. secretary general. james is in west jerusalem, and he joins us now. any reaction from israel to that unra building attack? >> . >> there's no official comment at this stage as we're talking
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to officials. when we heard about the attack, i had just completed an interview with one of netanyahu's key advisers, and i asked him repeatedly about the death of civilians and the targeting of civilians, and request exactly what israel's policy was. and here's what he has to say. >> it's israel that has warned civilian populations to get away from the armaments that the palestinians have placed in cities. >> but your warnings are not working if 177 children have died. >> i don't want to get into a dispute of the numbers. >> it's a huge number. >> one person dying is too many. but israel has a right and it must defend itself. we are getting hit every day, and not just military bases, because they don't aim at military batess, but our towns
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and villages. the fact that we don't have hundreds of people dead is only because israel invested heavily in its civil defense system, while hamas invested heavily in its offensive rockets. to come to israel and say israel is at fault because hamas uses it's population as human shields to shield its missiles is simply incorrect. >> you talk about human shields, yet if you know there are civilians down there, whether they're being used as human shields or not, surely you shouldn't use those missiles. >> first of all, you see rockets firing it at your civilian population. >> but you know there are civilians there, and surely, you should not at that point unleash your weapons of war. >> what israel is trying to do is warn the people so they won't
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stay there. but what choice does israel have? and a british audience in london or paris, or german people in berlin would face. you have three choices. you can say wait a minute, they're firing rockets at my civilian population, and i will unleash my full military area, i'll napon the whole area and bomb the whole city into rubble. israel won't do that. the second choice is to say, there's nothing we can do, there are civilians mixed in with the military capability in these particular areas of the gaza strip. we're just going to raise our hands. if we do that -- >> isn't that the option that you should take? isn't that you should do with the americans and the british, that's what they did in iran. >> when we see civilians mixed with their hamas military, we call off the attack.
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>> ambassador dori gold speaking about israel's efforts. moments after that interview, we heard about the u.n. schooling hit in gaza, and i told you moments ago, steven, no israeli reaction, but we have, since we have been playing this interview. we were called by the israeli military. and they say they are investigating reports. but they say they detected the signature of palestinian rocketing fired in gaza, and they think it's possible that those palestinian rockets landed short of their target and may have been the rockets that hit the school. so i think that's a very significant claim from the israelis. and obviously, when people get to the scene, as there are people at the scene, reporters and other observers, you'll be able to tell from the debris
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exactly who was responsible from the attack. a suggestion from the israelis just now that it could have been palestinian rockets. watch for reaction in the coming minutes and hours from the united nations. headquarters is waking up in new york, and i'm sure that there will be a lot of talk about a u.n. schooling hit. >> and it will be interesting to see what evidenced israelis can offer for that. james, in west jerusalem, thank you very much. and plenty more still to come from aljazeera, including--♪ >> they're accused of being traitors and threats. and israel's far left are wanting their voices heard. we visit an ancient fort, hoping to build trust between the island's divided communities. and a very colorful start in the games, but one of the biggest players has had to pull
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out. we'll tell you who it is, and keep you up-to-date from the games. >> we told you at the top of the program, ukraine's prime minister, over to london. >> only coming in in the last 20 minutes or so, the decision to step down after two parties withdrew from his governing coalition, and that set the stage for early elections. let's take you to the capital, and peter, what do we know about the resignation of arseniy? >> well, they have been badly frustrated for weeks. in the inability to make changes
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in the budget. another $1 billion to finance the counter insurgency operation, or the ante terror in the middle east. and the budget could not be amended. and gave his resignation a week ago. and he said, how can i find fuel for my armored personnel carriers? how can i compensate the families of the fallen? and how am i going to pay the army salaries tomorrow? and he said that the opposition parties that withdrew from the coalition and basically caused this to happen are gambling with their own party's political interests in the fate of the country. so the most charismatic, the young politician, former banker, the politician who was always associated with the revolution,
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stepping down. and it's not clear, he steps down, but the cabinet still exists in form, and they will see but he was not prepared to negotiate a new coalition with members of the yanokovych's party, so he let it go today. and they have 30 days to find a new coalition, and it's expected that there will possibly be elections in october. >> thanks, peter, and i'm sure we'll have more on that crisis later. but for the moment, thank you. the communist party is also being dissolved in ukraine's parliament. [ foreign dialogue ] >> the chairman, saying that the communists must never come back. on tuesday, giving the authority to dissolve the party, because it's membership has fallen below
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the threshold. there are reports of more shelling in the eastern ukrainian city of donetsk as they try to take back control of the separatists. surrounding the city to cut off supply routes from russia. what's happening in the city right now? >> well, a little bit earlier, we were in the north of donetsk, and we witnessed heavy pounding from the ukraine an forces on the outskirts of the city. heavy shelling, missiles, rocket fire as well. from both siding used in this populated city of 1 million residents. so extremely worrying scenes there. the ukrainian army has told aljazeera that they are starting their offensive on donetsk. and the separatists have told aljazeera that they're going to defend the city to the last man.
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i spoke to a military spokesperson, of donetsk people's republic here, and here's what he had to say. >> interpreter: it's true, with us the russians military help, but until now, we have not received any. you need to understand that our enemy, the ukrainians, are not only using all of their power, but also the power of nato, and that's why we ask russia to help us against this military machine. if we had the support that you are speaking about from russia, we would have beat them by now. >> he's denying that he's having any russian support. but many here would disagree with him. in the past few months, since april, the u.s. embassy in kiev, said that the separatists have shot down around 19 ukrainian aircraft, between hospitals, and transporter planes and fighter
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jets, clearly they have a lot of heavy weaponry here. >> thank you. >> well, tens of thousands of frightened civilians have been abandoning their homes in the east and heading west. railroad trains have added extra to cope with the demand for those trying to flee the fighting. 50,000 people have so far been displaced. an emergency center for refugees has been set up in the station in kiev. >> it's impossible to live there right now. fights are going on, and apartment buildings are destroyed and people are killed. why else do you think i would leave at my age? >> i had the feeling i was on the set of a horror movie. i had a nightmare, and like everybody else, expected it to fade away, but instead found myself in an even worse nightmare. >> the dutch and foreign
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ministers have traveled to ukraine to push for answers why a malaysian plane was brought down. it has become a memorial to the victims. judy bishop arrived soon after, posing if front of the tribute before heading inside. they are both calling for a u.n. team to secure the crash site. which is controlled by pro russian separatists. and the remains of four more have arrived in the netherlands. they arrived at the air base to full military honors. the coffins will be transported to a military barrack to be identified. the coffins arrived from ukraine on wednesday. >> the day of national mourning may be over, but the grieving goes on. the round of flowers laid in tribute to the victims outside of the airport terminal 3
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fateful journey began is growing even higher. thousands have added their names and thoughts to the books of condolence. the flight will no longer be known as mh17, it carries too much emotional weight. the reassurance, the flight path has been diverted over turkish airspace. two more flights caring the bodies of the victims will arrive at the military section on thursday with their tragic cargo. among the relatives watching the first flight come in was a man from newcastle who lost his 28-year-old son, liam. >> you look at the news, and most things happen are far away, and it doesn't have anything to do with you, and all of a sudden, it becomes part of you. every family who was there yesterday, had somebody, and everybody was hurting in exactly the same way.
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so as i said, i hope that it never ever happens even to my worst enemy. >> reporter: two more planes landed, carrying another 74 of the victims from flight mh17. they too were given full military honors. over the next few days, the cars carrying the coffins will give a somber shade to the highways. the relatives hold on to pictures of their loved ones, intimate memories, and lives cut short. they're all receiving special counseling to help them through this ordeal. >> it's grief, it's mourning, it's frustration, it's a very complex set of emotions. relatives are experiencing in this period. >> beneath the dutch flag at the airport, more flowers and tickets, including a handwritten note which ends with these words. this will never be forgotten.
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our hearts, thoughts and prayers to you all and your families and friends and loved ones. ones. >> two opposition activists in russia have been convicted of organizing mass riots the day before the inauguration of president vladimir putin. the movement [ unintelligible ] 11 other people have been convicted for taking part in the same demonstration, which ended in clashes with the police. norway has boosted security across the country after being told of a possible imminent attack. the director of the security service said that the agency received information that an attack could happen within days. [ foreign dialogue ] >> interpreter: while researching this case, the information's credibility was strengthened. and we also have information to suggest that any act of
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terrorism against norway may take shortly, within a few days. we have no information about who, how, or what manner in which such a possible attack is planned. the situation now is that the pst is working to verify the information we received in close cooperation with the intelligence services. >> we went to the norwegian city, and thank you for being with us. how unusual is it for the norway security services to issue such a warning and how much concern is there? >> this is very unusual. it takes the government and the secret service a lot to announce such terror alerts, but they did today. and this is something that they take very very seriously. >> what's actually happen? what measures have been put in place now? >> what we see, the police at the international airports, and
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we see the strength thing of the security on border crossings. we see armed police at the big train stations, and at the possible terror targets around norway, and this is something that of course makes people a little bit concerned, because in norway, the police aren't usually armed, and it's a special thing happening here. >> bent, what details have you been given about the security itself? who are the suspects, if you like? >> very few details, but what we heard, it's persons or individuals, who have been fighting with the extremists from the groups in syria. whether these people already are in norway, or they're on the way to norway is not known yet. and this is hopefully the details we will know more about within a short while. >> all right, bent, joining us
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live from the norwegian town of bergen. appreciate your update. thank you so much. we'll have more from europe later in this news hour. helping with a cia rendition, and helping to rebuild trust. >> welcome back to do har. , under the constitution, the largely ceremonial post has incurred after elections in april. maliki's coalition, which won the election, must confirm it's choice for prime minister. more.
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>> he was born in 1958, in the union of occurred is tan. kurdi. there from the 1970s. and now they have a base to nominate a prime minister, and this is the biggest challenge, because all of the iraqi politicians do not agree on who to nominate for the prime minister. the opponents are on him to step down to allow the formation of the inclusive government. on the other hand, the united nations, before what he called terrorism as well as sectarianism. he called on iraqis to form a unity government for the iraqis. >> much more to come on news
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hour, including the u.s. death penalty comes under scrutiny after a prisoner takes two hours to die. and returning to formula one. those details with raul, coming up.
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>> a federal appeals court was asked to rule on part of the affordable care act subsidies to help lower income insurance buyers. two of the three judges said that they don't allow the irs to create subsidies in the markets. the liel and political way forward for obama. it's the "inside story". [ ♪ music ]